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exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.




“null” pen/ink/stuff 42.0 x 59.4cm

a thing has actually been finished


Things that WIP

more sketches, random, wheelbarrow studies to explain crop gathering techniques. re-worked bits of anatomy, tidying up this big bastard some, and to no end the hatching which would look as if i did nothing at all, thats the magic, looks like i added nothing since the last post, but in fact spent hours drawing little lines and erasing off some unwanted smudge, wanted smudge, fine smudge and intentional smudge re-applied in order of value.

sketches and so so such and on therefore

bits/end pieces, random stuff being tossed about.

Life in Space/Hatching Field/WIP (+ pick axes)

Added Bonus Content, Free Now

Sketchbook Entries: 1003776 – 1003785

hello website. these are some sketches from my sketchbook, scanned in, not crappy photo-ed in, real honest scans, cropped and resized.

sketchbook pages from the past two months

Start of the Season

spending some degrees of time in this room drawing these lines, and the best of it as at the top of this posting i suppose. magical moments. but i have been drawing down to bible levels, and seeking out others work to give me some cause of alarm for the success of others is something stunning, im looking over my shoulder. on the whole you are free to comment that this photo is shit, and yes it is. coming in at 150cm x 95cm, it is by its girth a poor candidate for internet existence. the internet is for the slim ideas mostly, so ill focus on the details, its kinda what im better at anyhow. # /etc/davgol your standard config file for david and goliath instances. * lucky charms, washed up head stains. hot dog! he has received some minor new hatch marks. of a crossing manner. #SPELCHY he got a shiny new dagger this week and the amount of fucking glare you can bake a potato in. remaining pencil with friends. no ink for this one. #elsewhere in my room some things foster grudges. NEW BLANK PAPER AND BOARD, EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE> yay. NEW BLANK PAPER AND BOARD, EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE> yay. NEW BLANK PAPER AND BOARD, EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE> yay. NEW BLANK PAPER AND BOARD, EVEN BIGGER THAN BEFORE> yay. deskshots! hardcore desk photo journalism. well thats it for now. i think i will go outdoors and see things new and refreshing and it will be like beer based eyewash, a refreshing blend of hops barley and pink eye.

oh and if your in berlin next week, i am in a large group show at bethanien, opening is on the 27th and runs for 7 weeks, its partyarty http://www.kunstraumkreuzberg.de/start.html have a look see if your here