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Hello 2017

i actually got not one, but two photographers to come to my studio and take pictures of the things i have been up to these past years that just cant be crammed into even the largest of scanners. one is no less than an art historian and photographer, a dream combo come true, but something about the poor lighting in my studio and number of mediums i cram onto paper, or just my delusions as to what i am drawing versus the photographic evidence to the contrary, it always makes these things never really seem to come out as i thought they appeared. but, i have decided to at least make a lazy post of it as this site is rather neglected as of late.

so, many many thanks to andreas baudisch for the photos, i took some minor liberties with levels and such to try to get it closer to what i think i see when i am in my studio.

decompression sickness

so many works finally winding up, giving up or moving ahead. and i didnt destroy a single one so far this year.

Photos Mid July 2013

so i borrowed a camera, a real one, its not in a phone. in fact its so heavy you would not wish to make phone calls with it if it could do such a thing, no, its flash can blind and its lens is made from diamonds. i made these photos, i placed books on makeshift tables, i drew lines onto walls, used grids in the TFT display, lens adjustments in photoshop, auto focus fixes, color, exposure, all manner of trickery, multiple lighting choices, and so on, yes it was alright. i am no photographer and my studio is built more for coffee drinking than proper photo studio lighting. i have some more to sort through, mostly sketches some WIPs and things like that.

Thought of the World Turtle