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exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.



Things that WIP

more sketches, random, wheelbarrow studies to explain crop gathering techniques. re-worked bits of anatomy, tidying up this big bastard some, and to no end the hatching which would look as if i did nothing at all, thats the magic, looks like i added nothing since the last post, but in fact spent hours drawing little lines and erasing off some unwanted smudge, wanted smudge, fine smudge and intentional smudge re-applied in order of value.

sketchbook pages from the past two months

Berlin has a heat wave, sweaty paper blues.

these photos are from some drawings in progress, one finished drawing (FACESOFDEATH) i cannot seem to get just right in a photo, but i am closing in on the recipe for a proper photo, im learning camera geek magic beware some phase of considering myself a photographer may occur in the near future.

Thought of the World Turtle