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Stuff done posted elsewhere, now here too part II

exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.



decompression sickness

so many works finally winding up, giving up or moving ahead. and i didnt destroy a single one so far this year.

now is the time to lose some of these damn intracellular endosymbionts.

hours counted / meaning acquired

here is that big as drawing which i have been mining for nearing two years now, soon the pick axe will be placed down (relatively speaking soon, some people might say a couple more months of working on one drawing is in itself a long time…)

and here is some sketch book shit, it is raw, real and more stupid than i can be held accountable for.


also, here is a ‘fucking photo atelier’


Warm Amstel: Taste of a Stale Revolution

what’s new here… well there is a new leg in the NEVERENDINGWIP.  and i worked on that leg to no end, some prior me came in before and drew a tiny tiny knee on that man, and it looked silly, and more wrong than is acceptable. funny yes, but wrong. the knee has been adjusted with a scalpel. and and…. yes his legs are long, but hey, el greco up yours too. also, random shit.

and hey, why not listen to someone smart say why emotion is central to art and he even means urinals in galleries or something about religion being these spaces of wonder before the art was moved out to the galleries, fuck it, or just listen to sleep.


or sleep, i dont know… maybe both at the same time.


notes from the drawing box

snow related ascii art: http://ascii.co.uk/art/snowman  i cannot take the credit for those fine snowmen. also i wish i knew who made this: http://i.imgur.com/DoX2tmS.gif

i take this as proof the internet is still a place of hope.

this has been a small and pointless update, the WIP goes on and on, horror vacui may have been a bad idea is seems at times, but digging this hole is priority number one here in MENGLESOSIA

making a book with these fine upstanding people here: http://presseditions.com/


i love pankow


Photos Mid July 2013

so i borrowed a camera, a real one, its not in a phone. in fact its so heavy you would not wish to make phone calls with it if it could do such a thing, no, its flash can blind and its lens is made from diamonds. i made these photos, i placed books on makeshift tables, i drew lines onto walls, used grids in the TFT display, lens adjustments in photoshop, auto focus fixes, color, exposure, all manner of trickery, multiple lighting choices, and so on, yes it was alright. i am no photographer and my studio is built more for coffee drinking than proper photo studio lighting. i have some more to sort through, mostly sketches some WIPs and things like that.

Breaks relieve headaches

back in box of drawing, for past two days. things get drawn, cant say they move any quicker, but this pencil one has some momentum by comparison to the rest.

in vienna i was in the art history museum, where i think i saw what must be my new favorite image of christ resurrecting.

sooo ugly i bought a postcard of it.