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To the holy.

Comic book thing I spend time on in the laziest of mornings

Slowly I hope it evolves into something coherent

exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.



Things that WIP

more sketches, random, wheelbarrow studies to explain crop gathering techniques. re-worked bits of anatomy, tidying up this big bastard some, and to no end the hatching which would look as if i did nothing at all, thats the magic, looks like i added nothing since the last post, but in fact spent hours drawing little lines and erasing off some unwanted smudge, wanted smudge, fine smudge and intentional smudge re-applied in order of value.


Menglefian Studios - 2013
Menglefian Studios – 2013

This is how 2013 will go, part one get studio, DONE, part two, move into studio, doing tomorrow, part three, really get to work on all new series, take lots of photos, (need a new camera, any advice?) upload, upload and write fantastic series of adjectives with proper spelling and grammar. It will be a resolution kept, kept warm.

Opening shots

about to tell the same joke again. reoccurring theme. 

got a new room for working in, and some paper. larger paper, but still lacking largest, and the appropriate mass, 300lb canson watercolor, next month i suppose. currently this is containing large swathish region of white, needs more volume. robust. i hope this weekend will see i massive increase in heft. to that end all efforts are aimed.  at some point the higher degree of volume will be attained.