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exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.



hitcounters the webring

words are for turds.

slow/not dead

Warm Amstel: Taste of a Stale Revolution

what’s new here… well there is a new leg in the NEVERENDINGWIP.  and i worked on that leg to no end, some prior me came in before and drew a tiny tiny knee on that man, and it looked silly, and more wrong than is acceptable. funny yes, but wrong. the knee has been adjusted with a scalpel. and and…. yes his legs are long, but hey, el greco up yours too. also, random shit.

and hey, why not listen to someone smart say why emotion is central to art and he even means urinals in galleries or something about religion being these spaces of wonder before the art was moved out to the galleries, fuck it, or just listen to sleep.


or sleep, i dont know… maybe both at the same time.



Sketchbook Entries: 1003776 – 1003785

hello website. these are some sketches from my sketchbook, scanned in, not crappy photo-ed in, real honest scans, cropped and resized.

photos of photos of food.

Photos of photos of food

photos of photos of food.