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low res for life

stuff yet again in progressions, i have an appointment to get some real photos made, not the cell phone variety. so, sometime in the next few weeks i may finally update this thing and put some new stuff in the portfolio section.

til then you can just watch adam curtis docus on youtube:

now is the time to lose some of these damn intracellular endosymbionts.

hitcounters the webring

words are for turds.


small notes (hi). did a print thing. tabor presse (http://www.taboerlin.de/) lithograph. my first as part of the lithomania project (http://prinz.de/berlin/events/545091-lithomania-edition-2016)

there was nearly 30 artists taking part, i somehow am the one who botched the printing, so they gave me a couple extra days to crank out another drawing for them, hopefully the print will take better.

if in berlin, event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1005442716206277/

Current WIPs/Gape_08

some more works in progress. a couple of sketch pages. forms #3 is best forms so far.

here is a link to bunch of photos from last saturday nights one night exhibition at gape berlin: FACEBOOKLINKAHOY


Pictures : Miss Moon FotografieFeaturing 6 unique performances inspired by the artworkPERFORMER INFORMATION AFTER…

Posted by Gape on Sunday, February 21, 2016

hours counted / meaning acquired

here is that big as drawing which i have been mining for nearing two years now, soon the pick axe will be placed down (relatively speaking soon, some people might say a couple more months of working on one drawing is in itself a long time…)

and here is some sketch book shit, it is raw, real and more stupid than i can be held accountable for.


also, here is a ‘fucking photo atelier’



notes from the drawing box

snow related ascii art: http://ascii.co.uk/art/snowman  i cannot take the credit for those fine snowmen. also i wish i knew who made this: http://i.imgur.com/DoX2tmS.gif

i take this as proof the internet is still a place of hope.

this has been a small and pointless update, the WIP goes on and on, horror vacui may have been a bad idea is seems at times, but digging this hole is priority number one here in MENGLESOSIA

making a book with these fine upstanding people here: http://presseditions.com/


i love pankow