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a little more to finish this day.

Tablets in Metamorphosis

will be back soon with some new postings. was out of town. had excuses prior.


* 2011. Bless the End.

* 2011. Bless the End.

Only made one video thing this year, back on Easter, seems its about the right time to re-edit that down, add punching bag sound effects and thunderclaps, voila, a final edition.

This 2011 thing, Odd numbered years are often the tricky ones, even years are much more preferable.

2012 actually has a good job with a contract, 2012 should contain a big roll of paper with a new (larger) bedroom to work in, 2012 will include more exhibitions and more ink appropriately applied. 

i had seen this guys work in paintings some years ago, today i was sent this link, its the kindve thing that makes me want to work harder.