1024×768 never goes out of style 1024×768

hello again dearest website of mine,

i know it has been some time, you have to understand it is only every so often a video game comes along and ruins all efforts for creative endeavour. here is a jpeg to help soothe the degree of abandonment.

Screenshot - 11142015 - 02:48:20 PM

you see, something is in the works. not just that one big drawing that will not die, much like a certain video game which seemingly never ends.

also i will update the CV page to include this show that TCGA was in: |  (i will add photos if any surface)


ok, have a nice day.



yet more of before, work in progress shots…..

been working this damn drawing since january. year is running up…. doubt it will be ended on time, and there is two more sheets of paper hanging roughly the same size. ok one is a bit smaller.

sketchbook + some GARBAGES