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NPR – All Day Every Day

i listen to npr or bbc most of the time, this is the place where the phone has to sit in order to recieve npr. i have yet to find the perfect spot for bbc as of yet, i have around 3 locations which serve well from time to time, but the investigation into the ideal reception location continues. i don’t really listen to either in the sense of having a clue as to what is going on i n the world, rather it all just sort of streams out and becomes a soft background of fuzzy terms and names, “today 7 people killed in controversy stemming rampant from an inclusion of an amendment to the gun control measures which if in their current form as debated last week in the iraqi parliament would reduce Co2 emissions currently related to the apartheid era in south africa boycott of says obama on the steps of gaza”

Studio Notes – Goings Ons

sketchyhetchy barfface

some events going on.. ONE, if in Amsterdam: _KUNST-RAI_(I have some work being shown by Galerie Jaap Sleper – or Slaap Jeper if you would rather)

TWO:Tonight in BERLIN there is a good show, in case you need some advice on what the hell to do with your free time, completely unwarranted and frankly not even in the vein of this websites normal content. OPENING from P.GROZINGER: @Galerie Christian Ehrentraut


Kingston Micro SD Adapters (For Sale Here)

new site provides a fine space to just unload far too much random. will cut down in coming months. not just yet though.


is that Robert Krugman bbctalking on BBC all morning about consumers!?