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new site provides a fine space to just unload far too much random. will cut down in coming months. not just yet though.

Studio the Gumption

It is finally spring proper in Berlin, and I cannot bear to stand outside and enjoy it in some manner befitting the consumption of vitamin d from outer space for free, no, go stay indoors. Studio has been unvisited for a spell, during which the drawings did for the first time ever show and ounce of self determination and draw themselves, of course they didn’t go so far as to finish themselves, nope, this was left for me to deal with.

Notable act of the day, I finally said “to heck with it” and cut the giant drawing into three drawings of a more modest size and manageability.


AFTER: its in three parts. you can imagine it just fine I’m sure, and if not there is some photos up in that gallery overhead. I might still add a fourth one to the thing, making the mysterious “quadriptych“…. which would make for something new around here.


quick note of studio: 01.04.13

IMG_20130401_174924 IMG_20130401_174951 IMG_20130401_174959 IMG_20130401_175015 IMG_20130401_175020 IMG_20130401_175029 IMG_20130401_175043 IMG_20130401_175059 IMG_20130401_175107 IMG_20130401_175117 IMG_20130401_175128 IMG_20130401_175139 IMG_20130401_175146 IMG_20130401_175331


Menglefian Studios - 2013
Menglefian Studios – 2013

This is how 2013 will go, part one get studio, DONE, part two, move into studio, doing tomorrow, part three, really get to work on all new series, take lots of photos, (need a new camera, any advice?) upload, upload and write fantastic series of adjectives with proper spelling and grammar. It will be a resolution kept, kept warm.