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now is the time to lose some of these damn intracellular endosymbionts.

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don’t rob the liquor store. the very high end of uncategorized bullshit.

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words are for turds.


small notes (hi). did a print thing. tabor presse ( lithograph. my first as part of the lithomania project (

there was nearly 30 artists taking part, i somehow am the one who botched the printing, so they gave me a couple extra days to crank out another drawing for them, hopefully the print will take better.

if in berlin, event:

Current WIPs/Gape_08

some more works in progress. a couple of sketch pages. forms #3 is best forms so far.

here is a link to bunch of photos from last saturday nights one night exhibition at gape berlin: FACEBOOKLINKAHOY

Pictures : Miss Moon FotografieFeaturing 6 unique performances inspired by the artworkPERFORMER INFORMATION AFTER…

Posted by Gape on Sunday, February 21, 2016

slow/not dead

sunday pusher

works often in progress but not so much at this point in time, blame the commonwealth. here are some photos i took in order to give purpose to my day:

i made a couple of drawings recently that were attempts at a sort of field of hatching, drawing in a .zip file. photoshop seems unable to photomerge the scanned parts. and i have given up on it. i like the messy scan more anyways.

also some pages from a zine under slow construction: