Hubris WIP (Page Incomplete)

so i just cut this off of the front page and crammed them all together, many photos will look the same, consider it a game of find the differences. this drawing was started in 1876, and has been in progress ever since. well its way too long running. its 1.5×1.75 and filled with hopes and dreams amongst other mixed media, its a big failure in my eyes atm, this may change as i see it as having what some might go so far to say is “character”, but for now i will let it rest in the corner of my studio as a neglected and unloved bastard. later on perhaps it will reach a more perfected state, and as well the photos on here suck, so, uh, yeah it looks better than this, but not that much better, or not as betterer as i woulda hoped for.

without further ado, shitbag hubris, the horror vaccui that never vaccuis quite right.

CUR WIP 20fifteenSIXTEEN and ON and ON.