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The Mysterious Case of TCGAs Book/Opposing Triptych

Book designed along with Fumi Mini Nakamura


TCGA – Opposing Triptych (St.Anthony in his Brick Shit House)

(Photographed by Florian Buettner)

Revisionist Histories

digging into server, backlogs and so on. looking for patterns. i meant to just update my gpg key. i got lost and saw more than i care for.

still but not really


Hello 2017

i actually got not one, but two photographers to come to my studio and take pictures of the things i have been up to these past years that just cant be crammed into even the largest of scanners. one is no less than an art historian and photographer, a dream combo come true, but something about the poor lighting in my studio and number of mediums i cram onto paper, or just my delusions as to what i am drawing versus the photographic evidence to the contrary, it always makes these things never really seem to come out as i thought they appeared. but, i have decided to at least make a lazy post of it as this site is rather neglected as of late.

so, many many thanks to andreas baudisch for the photos, i took some minor liberties with levels and such to try to get it closer to what i think i see when i am in my studio.

Stuff done posted elsewhere, now here too part II

Stuff done posted elsewhere, now here too

exhausted opium

what did i say, weather forecast in effect.



decompression sickness

so many works finally winding up, giving up or moving ahead. and i didnt destroy a single one so far this year.

big hubris y’all!


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