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small notes (hi). did a print thing. tabor presse ( lithograph. my first as part of the lithomania project (

there was nearly 30 artists taking part, i somehow am the one who botched the printing, so they gave me a couple extra days to crank out another drawing for them, hopefully the print will take better.

if in berlin, event:

Current WIPs/Gape_08

some more works in progress. a couple of sketch pages. forms #3 is best forms so far.

here is a link to bunch of photos from last saturday nights one night exhibition at gape berlin: FACEBOOKLINKAHOY

Pictures : Miss Moon FotografieFeaturing 6 unique performances inspired by the artworkPERFORMER INFORMATION AFTER…

Posted by Gape on Sunday, February 21, 2016


is summer, hot. not really able to draw. usually, but more so in the heat. focus, just shot down.

Cologne or “Köln”

run away to cologne, germany and change your name, get a new face 

on the black market and just move on.

Screenshot from 2013-06-03 13:57:15

Anonymous Drawings – Exhibition Leipzig

pictures from

in Leipzig…. the Anonymous Drawing exhibition is up.. mine is in again, tucked in there.

here is a review of the Berlin exhibition (which was so densely packed in):